"Someone more incredible than any eye has seen has created you in his beautiful image. Don't slap him in the face by never seeing the beauty in how he shaped you. How he formed you. How your muscles grow. How your muscles don't grow. How your fat deposits. And t...hat's just the beginning. Then, we have the internal-and I'm not talking about your veins and arteries. I'm talking about your will. The determination and drive-it's different for everyone. And the part that can be the ugliest and the prettiest: how you see yourself. We are beautifully and wonderfully made because HE said we were. Your body AND the body of the girl standing next to you are temples because HE said they were. Let's start acting like it. Let's stop bashing the different body types because they aren't spot on with what the trend in fitness is. They aren't supposed to be! I recently saw an ad that said "equality for sizes". Equality....such a fickle little word that gets thrown around on the regular these days. The funny thing was-it was ALL plus sized women. That is no different than having ALL slender Victoria's Secret models. I have been "skinny-shamed" just as much as I was "fat-shamed" at a size 14. They both suck about the same. So Lets really put some push behind that word "equality" and make it..gasp...EQUAL! Let's get women of all shapes and sizes and ages and stick them together. The only common denominator? Every woman in this photo has worked their butt off, training at #CAMP217 to be...wait for it....HEALTHY AND STRONG! ..another gasp.... can you imagine? Women training to actually be healthy and love themselves? All of these ladies have lost incredible amounts of body fat %, but more than that they have gained a feeling of self worth. We still have some work to do. Not on their bodies. On their minds. You see that 2nd photo? I told them all to show the camera what they liked least about their bodies....interestingly enough, what they were hating was what someone else was wanting. It's all perspective. I want her butt, I want her stomach, I want her arms, I want her legs. Stop! Look at what you've got! It's beautiful! Ultimately it would take work no matter if u had "her" body parts or not! There is no "naturally fit" woman. That lady you see with the ripped abs...she worked for every single muscle line on her body. And if you want that- then you have a choice every single morning to get up with determination and inner strength and make your body the healthiest and strongest it can possibly be! It's up to only you. Make that decision that you love your Creator enough to make the most of what He blessed you with. It's a journey. Learn to love the journey, and yourself in the journey. Not just the end result. Because true self improvement doesn't have an end. For we are not given a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and self discipline. -2 Timothy 1:7 Claim it.

-Mistidawn Lee


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